I'm a experienced 3d artist skilled with a broad backbround creating different types of assets by using both hard surface and sculpted techniques. My knowledges span from modelling, sculpting, texturing and shading to prototyping in gaming engines like unreal engine 4 as well as the ability to troubleshoot technical problems. I generally have a good understanding of the asset production pipeline inculding pre- and post-production.
 S K I L L S  &  E X P E R I E N C E S
- High quality asset development suitable for production both technically and artistically
- Technical and quality control of output on assigned projects
- Excellent knowledge of Pixologic ZBrush
- Skilled in Photoshop and some additional texturing packages like Substance Painter
- Modelling and texturing skills in a diverse visual range
- Good sense of composition and a broad artistic style
- Good communication skills and the ability to work interactively with production and other departments to solve production challenges
- Strong observation skills, capacity to work in a team and sense of sharing
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